A group of art students who want you to see their work

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Who are we and what do we make?

The academic year of 2019/2020 was one that clearly was never meant to be. During our time at Newcastle University, we have seen teacher union strikes, which luckily didn't impact us, and a global pandemic which has affected us all a lot!!


Nevertheless, under the expert tutelage of Jane and Louise Wilson and a slew of other fantastic practitioners, we have learnt so much. On this site, you will find a group of artists who have had their year of education rudely interrupted, and their workspaces overhauled. Covid-19 isn't going to stop us.


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Our curtailed year was also made possible by tutors Chris Jones, Christian Mieves, Ian Ground, Irene Brown, Helen Smith and Wolfgang Weileder; Casting Technician Burnie Burns;  Print Technicians Erika Servin and Jade Sweeting; Woodwork Technician Joseph Sallis; Digital Technician Michael Hedley and Materials Technician Stephen Rowarth.