Who are we and what do we make?

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Andrew Parr
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Andrew Lewis Parr lives in Holywell Village in Northumberland. He has studied Fine Art (BA Hons) at Northumbria University until graduating in July 2018. Since then he continues to enjoy working with a range of media and thinking of ways to engage the audience when curating exhibitions. He is currently studying Masters of Fine Art (MFA) at Newcastle University




Cody Sowerby
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My practice is underpinned by visual research into belief systems, mythology, ideology, and utopia. I am fascinated by images, and their place in the collective unconscious, particularly the iconography of the twentieth century.

Ella Louise-Jones
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Ella creates installations, sculptures and wearable costumes around the theme of haptic touch (the relationship between sight and touch). She explores kinaesthetic learning in her sculptures which is learning through bodily movement, creating tactile opportunities for interaction, challenging the audience's relationship with their bodies.




Eliot Lord
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Eliot Lord is a political artist from London, living and working in Fulham during coronavirus and Newcastle, now we're back to normal. His work has featured in Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Minute Books' 31 Nights In Europe, The RA Summer Show 2020 and Art on A Postcard's Summer Auction 2020.




Genevieve Stone
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I make sculpture and installation, trying where possible to use natural or waste materials. I am interested in the physical experience of art, using scale and colour in an attempt to create immersive physical experiences in some way echoing my own experience of the natural world. In a world of screen images and virtual experience I want to reconnect my audience with the real as experienced through the senses.

Hsin-Yi Huang
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Hsin-Yi Huang is an artist from Taiwan, currently studying at Fine Art MFA at Newcastle University. The creative media she often uses are Eastern gouache, video, and installation.​ She is particularly interested in light objects, exploring the relationship between body and space.





Janice Palmer
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Janice’s work inhabits a space between reality and memory. 

“An object can have a way of conveying messages about moments in time or of people. Objects speak of interactions and events; they can tell stories of the past and the present, and release a flood of memories. An object can be interpreted visually, but can also hold a deeper significance. Objects can uncover forgotten recollections that have links to the past and can also trigger emotions from another place and time. Sometimes people keep tangible things; sometimes people have memories.” 

Kirsty Woods
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Lydia Bailey
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Lydia's practice is interdisciplinary, bringing together disparate objects, elements and materials through drawing and installation. 

She is interested in repurposing and self-referencing as a tool to generate new ideas and works, domestic spaces, the function of objects, and embodied experience. She graduated Goldsmiths University of London in 2018 and is a current member of the Newbridge Project and Programme Committee for 2019 / 2020.

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Raphaella Davies-Brennan
Sara Jane Palmer
Sophia Juergens
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Raphaella Davies is a multidisciplinary artist who explores the themes of humour, comedy and the ways in which we experience intimacy in our everyday lives. Her work questions if art can create a genuine experience of intimacy.

Previously, Raphaella has managed and directed multiple socially engaged projects. She is currently interested in combining her interest and passion for this form of practice and attempting to find ways of incorporating her activism into her practice.

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Trish Hudson-Moses

The birth of an idea, like the conception of a child is conceived in a moment.  It gestates until it is ready for the world.  It is born.  Ideas grow like children, influenced by all they experience, and encounter. One idea can last many lifetimes.  Tread softly. 


Image credit: Colin Davison

Valeriia Savina
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Painting is her artistic language which speaks on a personal level. Sophia Juergens is working with space that is always expanding and exploring itself. Her intention is to create intensity with the atmosphere of her imagery which is coming to an outward expression. The artist sees colours as material and its ground as a frame for what it holds.

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Wan-Chen Chan
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Trish is an artist who responds to and finds inspiration within her environment. Whether it be beachcombing or renovating a garden – there are serendipitous discoveries that relate somehow to the times we live in. Linking these elements together is where form shape, colour, texture, materials and ideas become art. 

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Valeriia explores how a human's corporeal body translates their inner feelings to the outer world. Her favourite media is singular hair, of which she sees a high source of symbolic attributes. With her work Valeriia tells stories of personal experiences and attitudes towards the world and people around her, creating another language of self-expression and connections with others

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Wan-Chen Chan is a Taiwanese artist. She filters experience from her observation of the urban city into works, usually with architectural elements. She captures the changing and unchanging things in the space we live in through the combination of different materials.  


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Wei-An Chen
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Yu Zhu
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Zenaira Mahmood
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Wei-An, Chen (Vivien) is a creator professionally in painting, printmaking, and some installation.

Her works often discussed landscape, word, language, rule, and algorithm by a mixture of artistic methods, and shows the conversation between human minds and rules.



Yu Zhu lives in Newcastle. She has studied Fine art at Yuxi Normal University, China. She is currently studying Master of Fine Art (MFA) at Newcastle University. She is working  on collages and installation art.




Through my artwork, I investigate the materiality and potential physicality of paint and painting processes as well as painting as installation. Allowing my paintings to exist three-dimensionally incorporates the movement of the viewer and therefore a continuously shifting perspective. This leads to a playful tension between the permanent architecture of the exhibition space and the impermanent artwork.